What is old age home ?

An old age home, also known as a retirement home, senior living facility, or nursing home, is a residential institution that provides housing and care services to elderly individuals who require assistance with their daily activities and medical needs. These facilities are designed to accommodate seniors who may no longer be able to live independently due to factors such as physical limitations, medical conditions, or social isolation.

Old age homes offer various levels of care, ranging from independent living options for relatively healthy seniors to more intensive care for those with complex medical needs or cognitive impairments. Services provided can include assistance with bathing, dressing, medication management, meal preparation, housekeeping, and more. Additionally, some facilities offer social and recreational activities to help residents maintain an active and engaging lifestyle.

It’s important to note that the terminology and connotations associated with old age homes can vary culturally and regionally. Some individuals may choose to live in these facilities willingly to access better care, companionship, or to alleviate the burden on their family members. However, negative stereotypes and stigmas about old age homes also exist in some societies, which can lead to emotional challenges for both residents and their families.

Ultimately, the purpose of old age homes is to provide a supportive and safe environment for seniors who need additional assistance in their daily lives while promoting their physical, emotional, and social well-being.

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Categories of Senior Care Residences

There are two primary classifications for senior care residences: those administered by governmental bodies and those owned privately. Government-operated senior care homes extend their services without charge, accommodating elderly individuals without financial constraints. These establishments often benefit from the contributions of volunteers who offer assistance and companionship alongside the professional staff. Conversely, private senior care homes levy a fee for their services, providing comprehensive care, nourishing meals, and emotional sustenance in exchange for payment. Those with the means to afford such services and who seek more qualified personnel frequently opt for private facilities.

Amenities Extended at Senior Care Residences :

It is imperative for senior care homes to furnish essential amenities that cater to the distinct requirements of older adults, considering their heightened vulnerability and compromised immunity.

  1. Healthcare Provision: Irrespective of the senior residents’ health conditions—ranging from frailty to disability or illness—emergency medications, oxygen therapy, nebulizers, and other critical medical interventions are made available.
  2. Diagnostic Services: Should there be a need for medical tests, these residences offer the convenience of conducting various diagnostic assessments on-site, ensuring timely and suitable medical attention.
  3. Sanitation and Housekeeping: Given the prevailing pandemic and heightened awareness about viral transmission, upholding impeccable cleanliness and hygiene standards has assumed paramount significance. Senior care homes rigorously adhere to stringent sanitization practices to safeguard the health of their residents.
  4. Security Measures: Security stands as a fundamental concern in senior care facilities. Closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance systems are strategically positioned throughout the premises to monitor the environment vigilantly and respond promptly to any emergent situations or incidents.

15 Old Age Residences in India for Senior Citizens

The significance of displaying patience and support towards senior citizens often remains underestimated. Within the realm of meeting the needs of these elderly individuals, lies the call for understanding and providing a touch of assistance, enabling them to embrace their twilight years. However, there are instances where elderly individuals find themselves in a vulnerable state, devoid of any support system. Fortunately, India hosts several old age homes that provide a haven for these abandoned seniors, offering them safety, companionship, and a sense of belonging among peers in similar circumstances.

In essence, old age homes function akin to hostels, providing shared accommodations, restrooms, dining facilities, and more to cater to the elderly residents’ daily needs and well-being.

Outlined below are 15 distinct old age homes across India that have been established with the purpose of extending care and solace to abandoned senior citizens:

  1. Shraddhanand Mahilashram Catering specifically to women aged 60 and above, this establishment offers shelter to those who have been abandoned and are facing financial difficulties. While certain services are provided free of cost to destitute women, those with the financial capacity are charged for supplementary amenities. The residents receive sustenance, bedding, and care from skilled medical personnel.
  2. Priyadarshini Seva Mandali The NEST initiative, launched in 2012, provides refuge to 20-25 destitute and abandoned senior citizens. Individuals aged 60 and above are offered free accommodations, sustenance, and access to medical care.
  3. Akshaya Trust Situated in Mudichur, Chennai, this trust extends its support to destitute seniors who have been forsaken by their families. With a current occupancy of 55 individuals, the trust ensures a secure environment with provisions such as accommodation, nourishment, clothing, medical attention, and emotional support.
  4. Jesus the Way Trust Operating the “Charu’s home for elders” in Chennai, this old age home serves as a tranquil sanctuary for destitute and impoverished senior citizens. To support the needs of a significant number of residents, donations in the form of resources are actively sought.
  5. Ammucare Charitable Trust Functioning as a charitable trust, this establishment offers basic shelter to abandoned elders. At present, the trust oversees the well-being of 70 senior citizens who have been left without support.
  6. Ashraya Welfare Organization Located in Avilala village, Tirupati Rural Mandal, this old age home provides free shelter, sustenance, and medical care to approximately 40 senior citizens. Many of these individuals have been placed under the care of the organization by either the police or their own families.
  7. Abhinav Samaj Operating as “Jai Ma Durga” in Delhi, this old age home extends free food, shelter, and medical assistance to destitute senior citizens. The home witnessed the admission of 94 senior citizens within a year, underscoring the unfortunate prevalence of elderly abandonment.
  8. Wishes and Blessings With a commitment spanning over three years, this old age home is dedicated to providing a welcoming atmosphere along with proper healthcare and nourishing meals for abandoned seniors.
  9. HelpAge India Across locations including Patiala, Gurdaspur in Punjab, Cuddalore in Tamil Nadu, and Kolkata in West Bengal, HelpAge India administers a network of old age homes and barrier homes for senior citizens, totaling 26 and 5 respectively.
  10. Omashram Trust Positioned as a home away from home, Omashram Trust emphasizes respect, comfort, and comprehensive well-being for its elderly residents. Mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual care is prioritized, along with nutritional requirements and health needs.
  11. Paranjape Athashri Established in Baner, Pune, this long-standing old age home offers extensive amenities and is renowned as one of India’s largest establishments of its kind.
  12. The Earth Savior Foundation Acknowledged by the Indian government, this foundation has provided refuge to over 15,000 senior citizens, disabled individuals, and disadvantaged women. Shelters are strategically located in Bandhwari Village, Gurgaon, Haryana, and Mandawar Village, Haryana.
  13. Universal Elder Care Situated in Tamil Nadu, this establishment strives to foster a familial environment, emphasizing kindness, compassion, care, and hygiene. Regular activities combat feelings of isolation, and personalized services include private lockers, religious last rites, health check-ups, companionship, and emotional support.
  14. Guru Vishram Vridh Ashram Operated by the SHEOWS (Saint Hardyal Educational and Orphan Welfare Society), this establishment has devoted over 16 years to providing shelter, sustenance, medical care, and emotional support to abandoned seniors. Generous community donations have facilitated services such as Special Care Units, medical facilities, and nutritious meals.
  15. MOKSHA Vridh Ashram Situated in Haryana, MOKSHA’s old age home is managed by a group of young individuals who are dedicated to offering quality care, respect, compassion, and security to senior citizens. With a current population of over 110 mentally challenged, helpless, and physically ill residents, the home provides essential necessities along with amenities such as a meditation hall, grooming assistance, round-the-clock medical aid, nutritious meals, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions about Old Age Homes:

In the preceding section, we highlighted 15 exceptional old age homes that are dedicated to caring for abandoned senior citizens facing challenges such as helplessness, mental or physical illness, and destitution. Should you have further inquiries regarding old age homes, we are here to provide assistance.

Here are some common questions that can serve as a guide to understanding old age homes in India:

Q1. What is the Cost of Old Age Homes in India?

The cost varies based on the type of old age home you consider. While some homes offer free services and amenities, others come with a cost. Depending on the specific needs of the elderly individual, the monthly fee typically starts around 2000/- for long-term stays. However, this amount is subject to the facilities offered by the old age home and the condition of the individual.

Q2. Are Old Age Homes Free in India?

Yes, there are government-run old age homes that provide free services, including accommodation and meals.

Q3. How Many Old Age Homes Exist in India?

There are approximately 700+ old age homes across India.

Q4. How Can I Contribute to Old Age Homes?

Volunteering can take various forms. Engage during visiting hours to interact and keep the residents engaged. Organize leisure activities, impart new skills, pray together, assist with grooming, and explore other ways to provide companionship to senior citizens.

Q5. How Can I Establish an Old Age Home in India?

If you’re considering starting an old age home, the fundamental step is to register the facility with the Registrar of Societies under the Registration Act. Additionally, you should register the home under Section 12A and 80G of the Income Tax regulations.

Q6. What’s Driving the Rise in Old Age Homes?

The increase in old age homes is attributed to declining tolerance and empathy towards senior citizens. Factors include lack of time among family members to provide care and unwillingness to invest extra effort. As lifestyles evolve, elderly individuals find themselves in old age homes due to various reasons, including migration of younger generations for better opportunities.

Q7. Are Old Age Homes Necessary?

Yes, as a refuge for senior citizens abandoned by their families, old age homes provide a vital support system. However, it is hoped that with increased compassion and empathy, the need for such facilities will diminish over time.

Q8. How Can I Volunteer at an Old Age Home?

Reach out to the authorities at the old age home to schedule volunteering hours and discuss potential roles and responsibilities.

In Summary:

The growing issue of elderly individuals being left alone and the rising reliance on old age homes is a challenge as newer generations age and adapt to evolving lifestyles. This isn’t just an issue in India, but a global concern. Many family members lack awareness about the challenges faced by senior citizens and how to address them. By cultivating compassion, empathy, and ethical values, we can hope for a future where the necessity of old age homes diminishes.

We trust that you now have a comprehensive understanding of the offerings and challenges associated with old age homes. We encourage you, as a reader, to explore avenues for volunteering or to raise awareness about respecting and supporting senior citizens with compassion and kindness.

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